Unleash Power and Efficiency with the Ditch Witch AT40 All Terrain Directional Drill.

Monday, August 7, 2023

The Ditch Witch AT40 All Terrain Directional Drill is the pinnacle of drilling technology, delivering unmatched performance in challenging hard rock conditions. Designed with an advanced All Terrain drilling system, this drill revolutionises productivity and takes your operations to new heights.

One standout feature of the AT40 is its updated two-pipe system. The patented design enhancements ensure efficient performance, faster cycle times, durability, and precise steering control.

The AT40 doesn’t stop at power—it offers enhanced reliability with a low-maintenance housing and 40,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, providing 30% more thrust than competitors in a compact unit. Powered by a 160-horsepower Cummins® diesel engine, it boasts 14% more horsepower than other models in its class.

The fully enclosed cab of the AT40 is highly regarded in the industry, featuring telescoping capability for optimal views and accurate drilling. The Radial Operator Control (ROC) enhances efficiency, and the telescoping cab improves visibility for better monitoring.

Operator comfort is a priority, with an ergonomic station, heated seat, adjustable suspension, increased legroom, and a fully enclosed cab with climate control, ensuring comfort during long hours.

The AT40’s add-a-pipe design allows manual insertion of additional drill pipe, significantly improving productivity. The optimised system utilises 15-foot (4.57m) drill pipe, providing 360 feet onboard, reducing cycle times and maximising efficiency.

With its revolutionary two-speed rotational drive system, the AT40 generates 2,000 ft-lbs of inner torque for efficient drilling and minimal downtime. The advanced two-pipe drilling system delivers industry-leading power to the bit, especially in hard rock conditions.

The Ditch Witch AT40 All Terrain Directional Drill is a game-changer, combining unmatched power, advanced features, and operator-centric design. It handles hard rock and demanding terrains with ease, making it the reliable choice for any challenge.

Ditch Witch offers more than just exceptional drilling equipment. Their comprehensive HDD system includes genuine Ditch Witch HDD tooling, mud mixers, and vacuum excavators for efficient operations and cleanup tasks.

The AT40 sets new standards in the drilling industry with its power, efficiency, and operator comfort. Trust Ditch Witch to provide the most powerful and efficient drilling solutions available.

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