Sunday, March 1, 2020

FTS Resolve prides itself on thriving through challenges, which is the mindset it applies to all projects regardless of scale, time or difficulty. In order to complete these projects safely and on time, FTS is equipped with a range of vacuum excavators, drills, tools and other machinery – including the Ditch Witch FX30 vacuum excavator supplied by Ditch Witch CEA.

In 2015, FTS Resolve purchased a Ditch Witch FX30 vacuum excavator from Ditch Witch CEA after starting the new business. Despite previous experience with smaller units, FTS Resolve Operations Manager Chris Johnston says a slightly larger unit was required for the company.

“[We] needed something bigger to assist with client expectations of non-destructive digging (NDD),” said Mr Johnston.

Over the past five years, the reliable machine has been used by FTS constantly, assisting with numerous excavation projects ranging from telecommunications, sewer replacements and road upgrades.

The FX30 vacuum excavator is equipped with a curb-side operator’s station allowing for single-operator control with the capabilities to perform a wide range of clean up and soft excavation tasks. There are also options that include a hydraulic boom and hydraulic valve exerciser in addition to a choice of spoils and water tank sizes.

Owed to its 18.5 kW Kubota® diesel engine, the FX30 vacuum excavator provides more than enough suction power and water pressure for excavation projects. Additionally, the machinery can either be ordered from the factory as a trailer-mounted or standalone system so that the user has the option to mount it to their own trailer or flatbed truck.

The compact machine is equipped with a reusable, single-element vacuum filter and a blower relief valve air filter to provide industry-leading filtration. The FX30 vacuum excavator is also the quietest on the market with only 73 dBA, providing minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas as well as greater operator comfort.

Mr Johnston says the Ditch Witch FX30 vacuum excavator is a simple system to use, even for inexperience staff. The machinery requires a simple competency training where the operator is taken through the unit and safety requirements, with FTS Resolve having no difficulties as the “very basic unit” is both effective and easy to learn.

General maintenance of the machine is also straightforward and time efficient, considering it needs to be completed each day. Mr Johnston said the daily maintenance of the machine takes no more than half an hour, which is much faster and more convenient for routine cleaning than other larger units – yet the FX30 is still as capable on projects as its larger counterparts.

“Due to the compact size of the unit, it can get into tight spaces and has the capabilities to complete the same jobs as larger units during strong water pressures,” says Mr Johnston.

Ditch Witch says that its FX30 will be a versatile addition to any company’s fleet with applications that include exposed buried utility lines, cleaning out storm drains, directional drilling site clean-up, water leak repair and many more.

Mr Johnston can attest to this versatility as many FTS Resolve jobs are completed by the machinery, which the contractor uses on a daily basis. These jobs and projects include works for Optus, Comdain Gas, TPG Telecom, Western ring road upgrades and multiple from the NBN in Newport, Altona, Greensborough and Ringwood in Victoria.

FTS Resolve Operations Manager Chris Johnston said that competing units of 1,000 L were too small for the businesses upcoming projects, making the 3,028 L Ditch Witch excavator the perfect fit to join FTS Resolve’s fleet.

“We purchased the vacuum unit to work in with the 30/20 All Terrain when we started the new business, which was perfect for our budget and working requirements,” says Mr Johnston.

Additionally, Mr Johnston says Ditch Witch CEA is conveniently located up the road from FTS Resolve’s head office in Campbellfield, Victoria. This proximity allows for FTS Resolve to purchase other equipment whenever required – such as its All Terrain and JT drills – and Ditch Witch CEA are always willing to provide on-site assistance at projects as well.

Mr Johnston said like the FX30 vacuum excavator, the rock drills it has purchased are great additions to FTS Resolve’s machinery with Ditch Witch CEA being a very reliable supplier. With this simultaneous machine and supplier reliability, FTS Resolve will continue to use the Ditch Witch FX30 and other equipment sourced from Ditch Witch CEA for future projects.

“We are looking at setting up our 20/20 JT machine again and [the Ditch Witch FX30] will be supporting that crew for NDE requirements and collecting drill slurry,” said Mr Johnston.

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