UCS won’t ditch Ditch Witch

Friday, November 27, 2020

Underground Civil Solutions are long-term customers of Ditch Witch CEA, the exclusive Australian supplier of Ditch Witch underground equipment. After its most recent Ditch Witch purchase, UCS says you simply “can’t beat it”.
Underground Civil Solutions (UCS) was looking for another directional drill to add to its fleet as a major job at the Heathcote National Park required all terrain abilities.

UCS Managing Director Tony Mitchell says while the company did compare with another manufacturer, the Ditch Witch AT40 All Terrain system was the best choice due to its proven system and the supplier’s product support.

Mr Mitchell says the system is so good at what it does that the team had to divert to another project with challenging ground conditions before heading to Heathcote National Park, and knew the AT40 All Terrain was the machine for the job.

The diverted project comprised a granite creek crossing including drilling through difficult blue stone – the kind of conditions the AT40 is optimised for.

“Getting through that is bloody hard,” says Mr Mitchell, adding that the penetration rate is currently about an hour per rod thanks to the powerful machine.

Ditch Witch says thanks to its All Terrain technology, the AT40 can undertake rock drilling at a low fluid level to decrease overall jobsite waste, minimise clean up and reduce environmental impact. Despite its minimised disruption, the machine packs maximised power and is equipped with a 160-gross-hp Tier 4 Cummins diesel engine as well as 40,000 lbs (18,100 kg) of thrust and pullback.

Due to its power, productivity and enhancements, Mr Mitchell confirms the All Terrain system is “perfect for rock”.

“You can’t beat it,” he says.

Mr Mitchell says the team will then head out to the national park for an anticipated two months of directional drilling work after the crossing job is completed.

Product and knowledge supply
UCS purchased its first Ditch Witch drill back in 2012 with another purchase in 2016, resulting in the operation of two AT30’s and fluid mixing systems on numerous projects across the country.

Sticking with the four-year jump, Mr Mitchell says the AT40 All Terrain was purchased only five weeks ago, but it is already showing its worth.

While UCS is not in the market for another drill any time soon, Mr Mitchell says he wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Ditch Witch again.

“Product knowledge is really important to us,” he says.

“The people at Ditch Witch really know their stuff, and it makes a world of difference.”

In terms of additional support, Mr Mitchell says the Ditch Witch supplier has never shied away at lending a hand and is always “very flexible” to suit the customer’s needs.

“Any servicing is just a call away. We can ring at any time, and if there are any problems we can go out to their depo or they can come to our office or even straight out to the site.

“It’s been a long-term relationship, and it’ll go for much longer,” he says.


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