Introducing the FM25X: The Efficient Solution for Drilling Fluid Mixing.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Ditch Witch has long been synonymous with efficiency and innovation in the horizontal directional drilling industry. With our cutting-edge Fluid Management Systems, we continue to set the standards for productivity, delivering exceptional drilling fluid flow and faster yield times. And now, we are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to this family of solutions: the FM25X Fluid Mixing System.

When it comes to drilling fluid mixing, time is of the essence. The FM25X is specifically engineered to streamline the mixing process, making short work of this crucial step. Equipped with a range of advanced features, this reliable and low-maintenance system ensures that you can maximise your productivity on every job.

One of the key advantages of the FM25X is its tank design. The sloping bottom of the tank guarantees that every drop of drilling fluid flows through the pump and is thoroughly mixed. This innovative feature eliminates any concerns of uneven mixing and ensures consistent quality across your drilling operations.

We understand that drilling projects vary in scale, which is why the FM25X offers versatile tank capacities to accommodate different requirements. Whether you’re working with the largest directional drills or smaller setups, you can choose from tank capacities ranging from 200 to dual 1,000 gallons. This flexibility allows you to optimise your fluid mixing process, regardless of the project size.

To further enhance productivity, the FM25X is equipped with a built-in bag ripper. This ingenious addition accelerates the mixing cycles, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency. With faster mixing times, you can complete drilling projects more quickly, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

The Venturi wet hopper is another feature that sets the FM25X apart. Its steeper sides facilitate fast and thorough fluid mixing, ensuring that all components are properly combined. This design optimisation contributes to the system’s overall efficiency and enables you to maintain consistent performance in challenging drilling conditions.

We understand that ease of use and flexibility are essential for drilling operations. That’s why the FM25X boasts a simple yet functional design, along with multiple configuration options. Transporting the system is a breeze, and its setup can be tailored to fit your specific needs. This adaptability allows you to maximise efficiency and optimise your workflow, saving you valuable time and resources.

Powering the FM25X is a robust 25-horsepower Kubota diesel engine. This reliable engine provides the necessary power to support even the largest Ditch Witch directional drilling systems. With the FM25X as your fluid mixing solution, you can trust that you have the performance and capacity required to tackle demanding drilling projects.

Additionally, the FM25X offers a range of optional accessories that enhance its versatility. Features such as the anti-siphon tank fill and umbrella kit further expand the system’s capabilities, allowing you to customise it to suit specific job requirements. This adaptability ensures that the FM25X can seamlessly integrate into your existing equipment and workflows, providing you with a comprehensive and tailored solution.

At Ditch Witch, we believe that exceptional equipment is only part of the equation. That’s why our Fluid Management Systems come with unparalleled support from trusted dealers. With expertise and dedication, you can access a wide range of genuine Ditch Witch parts and factory-trained service for your Ditch Witch Equipment through CEA – authorised national dealer. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, Ditch Witch CEA is committed to keeping your equipment running at its best, ensuring that you can maximize the benefits of the FM25X.

When you choose Ditch Witch, you’re not just investing in cutting-edge equipment—you’re joining a community built on excellence and innovation. Ditch Witch dealers are chosen for their commitment to the underground construction profession, and they undergo thorough training to represent the highest standards in the industry. You can trust that they will provide you with the best support, whether you need new equipment, parts, service, financing, or all the above.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of the FM25X Fluid Mixing System and trust Ditch Witch for all your drilling fluid mixing needs. We are dedicated to delivering unmatched performance, productivity, and support, ensuring that you can achieve success on every project. Choose Ditch Witch CEA and let us be your partner in revolutionising the way you approach drilling fluid mixing.

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